Communication & Events
– bringing french closer to people

Alliance Française
Since 2014 – .
As Cultural & Communications Manager at the Alliance Française, I had the chance to design a strategy in order to bring a new public to the institution as well as contributing to the student's experience.

With my team, we started by changing the tone and language of all platforms: social media, e-mail marketing, front desk communication, reception posters, feedback polls. Then, we went from content production to big events, from collaborating with the pedagogy department to marketing campaings. This brought us the chance of being closer to our public, make contact with them in person and create bonds with students.

content strategist & producer

instagram & facebook

Journée des Amoureux
valentine's day
Developed exclusively to Alliance Française's campaign in Valentine's Day, the feed was composed of famous french couples. During one week, the audience was invited to guess by pictures and some tips the names of the couples. To the stories, we designed a partnership with a movie theater and gave some double invitations to celebrate.

L'anatomie française
french anatomy

Series of posts to help some students to learn
french words in a beautiful, fasy and easy way.
concept & direction

short & not so short ones

concept, content strategist & event production

celebration party

December 2017

concept & event production

residency programs