I started my reading about memory, silence, family archives, artistic processes as well as studing César Papa’s work. All this research became at first an article I wrote in the middle of my graduation, when I was begining to know him, developing a method to his collection and understading how powerful it was/could be.

Here you’ll also find a deeper study – the paper in which I describe my own process and attempt of making an artist’s portrait. It’s one of the two parts of my graduation project in Cinema, composed by media and written products. 
The second part of my graduation project is a Webdoc, an interative platform where you can be presented to my uncle as I was – being overwhelmed with his work and collection. You can listen to César Papa, see pictures of him, and understand a little bit of his process of being and discovering himself an artist in a foreign country.

Soon I hope making all his collection available on internet with english translation. I’m working on it, as well as in other ways of spreading César himself and his work to the people. He was an amazing person that certainly not only me would like to know. Maybe you’ve found me because you had the chance and pleasure to know him – in this case, if you’d like to, drop me an e-mail: laurappn@gmail.com. I’ll be delighted to know you! César today is made of pieces and also of gaps, is a web of connections waiting to be bigger.